a pattern: white, crisp + clean

I not only love pinterest for its great boards and storage capabilities. It's also an amazing way to get a sense of a client's vision and tastes. It makes my day when my client is thrilled with a presentation and says "you nailed it", as one did last week. For my own boards, I love how a pattern emerges for my own style. It's never intentional. I have thousands of pins but when I was looking at my architectural/exterior boards, I noticed I'd pinned over a dozen all white houses. I love the clean lines and timelessness of an all white house. Here's a few from my boards. On my own house I would pop the front door with a bright color. If you have shutters they could be painted, white or black. I think both look beautiful depending on the look you are going for. 
I think this could be my dream house! I love the approach, warm lighting and the clean white lines. I would need a green flat patch of grass someplace, but this house is gorgeous.

I snapped this shot of this flag this weekend at an art's festival in my home town.
If I painted my house all white, I would add a splash of color on the front door!

This dutch door is great! Bugs might be an issue in Massachusetts!