Where I start... {design process}

For the past few weeks I have been working on several projects and yesterday was my presentation... yey!

I thought I would go through and give you a little idea of how the design process works for me.. 
(if you don't care that's okay too)
I typically start projects off in different ways depending on the type of customer.  These projects are for a commercial client and they started with fabric...lots and lots of fabric.  I submitted around 15 packets for 5 different projects.  Once the fabric selections were made I was able to run wild with lifestyles and furnishings, which is always kind of fun, but can be time consuming as I have to make all of the choices.  Each space has it's own look and appeal depending on the target market and the budget that we are working with, and they tend to grow organically from there.  I can spend hours and hours looking for the right lifestyle photo to convey to my customer what it is that I am trying to accomplish for them. After that is taken care of it is onto furnishings, lighting, art and fabric.  Once I have presented everything, we fine tune the pillow styles, the accessories, and art, as well as any custom furnishings that need to be made up.  They true test comes after months of planning, ordering and measuring, when we install and see it all come together from samples and pictures into the real thing.  It is the best reward after a long installation to see your work completed and have your customer happy with the results.

I cannot imagine doing anything else in this crazy world.   I have found that I like to switch back and forth between commercial and residential design so I can balance the two types.  I love meeting new clients and working with what they want and need as it presents it's own challenges.  This is a very brief explanation of what goes into the design process but I thought I would share as I get a lot of questions about it.

So with these projects completed I have a few days to focus on emails before I start on some others and our upcoming One Kings Lane Sale.