Designers at home.. life in flux

So sorry for the silence for the past few days... it has been a little wild here and this coming week is going to make last week look like a cake walk!  We finally had some photos taken, by a real professional, last week and I snapped a few myself which could never compare!  But the kitchen was styled and the house was clean so it is always a good idea to check and see what will be seen through the lens..  I was thinking about it though and I realized that I, like I am sure many designers, live in a constant state of change.  We are always changing this or that - a chair here- pillows everywhere - accessories like crazy!  (I really do feel bad for my husband but what can you do!)  So this is my still my first table and chairs since the remodel in the kitchen... something new is coming though.

How about you- are you a changer/exchanger throughout the house?

For those who asked the chairs can be found here/the table is custom. :)

image by christina for greige

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