Vintage Fabrics: Batik

I have a little problem when it comes to this indigo fabric.. well I just cannot resist the beautiful details of each piece and how different they are.  (Please excuse the weird angle of the photo below).   I love these pieces with their intricate patterns and the soft hand of the fabric. The fabric pieces were made in China with a wax resist technique and each is unique, most of these pieces began as clothing and bedding and are now being re-purposed in all different ways.

As you can see I cannot resist the temptation with these pieces! Some of these will go up for sale, most are my personal collection, and I will be using some of the loose fabrics for upholstery projects that I have in the works.

While we were in LA for this quick little visit it was a beautiful day and the neighborhood was so pretty, so I snapped a few pictures.  I love how each house is so unique and full of character, this one was so cute!

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