Talking tradition

I'd call myself a "transitionalist." I love modern, forward thinking designs. I can't help but ground them with a classic foundation. I often look to iconic designers such as Billy Baldwin, Albert Hadley, Dorothy Draper, and David Hicks for inspiration. I'm using this transitional time in my life to decipher how I'd like to live in my next home. I'd eventually like to venture out and set up an office on a quaint little main street in a town such as Hingham, MA.  Until then, I'm going to take over the dining room space to set up as an office.

Below are pictures of Bunny William's and Charlotte Moss's (first images) design offices. They are grand, functional, and yes, classic, but they are also warm, and inviting. These leading ladies have proven themselves as both forward thinkers and design icons.

I think an office should be functional and comfortable but should also embrace the designer's vision.

Lastly, I've shared Betsy Burnham and Kelly Wearstler's spaces. They are younger, fresher and hipper.

Shelter's office will, of course, have a strong identity but will incorporate aspects of all four of the offices featured:  a large central table, check;  fabulous lighting, check; storage and more storage, check;  art, check; tack boards, check; vintage glamour, check.   I think you get the picture.


This entrance and central work table is perfection!!!


and then there are Kelly's offices...glamour galore!! I'm impressed by the design empire she continues to build...