I have a DIY for y'all! 

I rarely get a damn second to do a damn thing around my house...but I decided to take 5 and make some cuteness for G

Here is what I did

Step 1:
take a crappy store bought table kit

Flip your table
Take the fabric you wanna use and cut out a circle of it for the top. 
*Make sure you make the circle 4-5 inches larger than the table top.

staple that shiz..

Take your fabric and make a nice clean fold at the top so it meets up cleanly with the newly stapled on top. 
GLUE GUN it girl.

I made a little pleat in it to add some volume and detail. 
This was simple, I just folded about a half inch over then glue gunned the shiz outta it!

rinse, repeat

*do this all the way around your little table and BAM....a cute little table..

Total Price: 
table $7.99
glass top $9.99
Fabric $?? don't remember but it was cheapish

Stay tuned as I debut G's Big Girl room tomorrow...

Happy Monday!