Hello everyone! I apologize for the sporadic posts but I've been packing and moving for the past five days and now I'm trying to work and settle into my temporary digs. I'll soon resume my search for a new house. Above is a snap shot of my old home. It now belongs to a new family, which is a bit bitter sweet for me. If you've followed my personal journey via my blog then you'll know I'm working towards a fresh start! It felt so good to toss a ton of "stuff" including about twenty large bags of clothing and most of my wedding memorabilia. My goal was to move by my birthday, which happens to be today! So missioned accomplished!! The only gift I really want (besides a very healthy and happy year) is a new home! It can't be big, I'm downsizing for a slew of reasons.
I've held onto the photo below from the now defunct Cottage Living for years. A bungalow like this would be perfection to me. I'd throw a bit of high gloss color on that front and back door but other then that I adore this place!

on another note I've decided to purchase only what I LOVE from now on. I've actually been pretty good at this as of late but I used to over shop and it caught up to me. My closet space has been cut in half, so I tossed and donated and packed away a ton of clothing. Below is my attempt to temporarily organize my clothing for now. (My dresses are in another smaller closet) I've decided the french approach fashion the right way. (I mentioned this the other day). Who needs 50 pairs of pants? No one. Great tops, and trendy layering pieces is the way to go. I keep my bottoms neutral (except for the occasional bright pants for good measure). I do however have a bit of a jewels and bauble addiction but all that jewelry doesn't take up as much storage space and I wear my jewelry with everything!! (Plus every girl needs a vice right??) Accessories are a way to reinforce your own personal style! I guess my point here is keep it simple, dealing with the 13 years of things I acquired while living in my old house was exhausting and wasteful.

This shot perfectly captures my fashion thoughts. Classic sweater, shirt + bottoms. (got to throw a little edge in there - always!) Then Layer on color and trends with the accessories, jewelry and outerwear!!

Peace out, I'm off to pour myself a birthday drink!!! xx.