On my mind....

 Hello, hello..I just need to throw this out there..I'm feeling frustrated lately!! I won't get into the nitty gritty details but there are definitely a few (hundred) things on my mind right now! I'll share a few of them with you....

FIRST OFF: I'm pretty much divorced now (thank god), seriously I won't get into the details of how long that ridiculous process just took but after the 120 day waiting period, I'll finally have that closure in my life!! Whoo, Hoo. I very much want to find a house but securing a new place in the Boston area, in a nice town, as a single, professional mother is NO easy task. On a bright note I do know that the front door will be colorful! I'm loving these yellow, blue and coral colors right now!! So when I do find the perfect spot I'll have no lack of ideas nor blog post material!! (another plus)
SECONDLY: I'm so NOT into anything safe and boring right now!!! Safe and boring interiors (no thanks), safe and boring dating (no thanks, this doesn't mean I want to date crazies or complete assholes but some unique interests would be a refreshing change), safe and boring dressing (no thanks). You only live once, why take the boring route?? Boston can be a bit DULL at times!! Just had the throw that out there..sorry.. ;)
Everything about this room is perfect to me! I've used this rug in a project, and I STILL adore it! The brown velvet sofa and gold leaf table are amazing!!! I may have to design a custom gold leaf table soon..

Elle Decor

these looks aren't crazy but they're classic with a bit of an edge!
THIRDLY: Mother nature could we please get some warm beach weather on the weekends. 58 degrees in June just isn't cutting it for me! I have yet to wear a sundress or shorts this summer season! If Southern California weren't across the country, I think I'd have to move there. For reals.

AND FINALLY: For some reason my hair has been so dry and fly away lately. The heavy, silkiness of it is virtually gone! I hope it's not the 7 year rule kicking in on me. I've been using my same hair products and even spent a fortune on a deep conditioner. I would LOVE any tricks or products ideas if you have them! Thanks in advance.
 Thanks a million for listening to my rant! I'm healthy and so are my kids and family, so I DO KNOW  that's what really counts. I guess I'm just feeling unsettled on a number of fronts and need a little positive change in my life! Have a wonderful week all!! xx - Julie