Twig Hutchinson's home&hideaway

When I first laid my hands on a Toast catalogue a few years ago now, I just had to look up the stylist who had created such amazingness. That's when I decided Twig Hutchinson must be my favourite stylist if ever I had to name one (doesn't the name already conjure up images of a magical forest?). And surely if someone can create such wonderful scenes, her home must be pretty special, too? 

Unfortunately I haven't come across any photos from her home online, so I took some snaps of her home featured in Atlanta Bartlett's Easy Elegance (photographed by Polly Wreford and published by Ryland, Peters & Small).

But what I did find, quite by chance, was this clip of Twig Hutchinson showing her little hideaway at the end of her garden - do take a look, it's a d r e a m.