Southern California Spring Garden Show

This week is the Spring Garden show at Crystal Court - South Coast Plaza.  I have not been in several years and had a chance to visit yesterday.  They had a great display at center court from Fiesta Floats of Pasadena.  It was amazing with several large butterfly and giant cone shaped containers filled with flowers.   I have not been to the Rose parade since I was a little girl so seeing the detailing on the pieces was pretty amazing.  It was about 2 stories tall.

Room and board had a small display- Love this long simple arrangement for the outdoor table.
I need to look this up because these were wood pieces that held water.  I want one of these in my new garden.

There was an abundance of miniature garden displays and Japanese Maples were everywhere.

There were several of these succulents- super cool!

We spied a cherry tree near the end, I now need to add this to my list of fruit trees.  I just have to see how well they grow in our area.

The variety of Orchids on display was also pretty amazing.  They are so beautiful, I wish I could figure out how to get them to bloom more than once when they are in my care...

The Garden show runs through the weekend with several events and lectures being held each day.  It was a fun morning visit but I suggest that you arrive early, it was very busy by 10:30 AM.

You can find more information here.

images by christina for greige