Modern Apartment Interior Design Ideas, Tips

Design Tip # 1 : Create an accent wall to grab attention

Tip of the interior design of the apartment of single men, will start from the walls of the accent. Accent wall will pull for the benefit of everyone on the way into the first room. This did not make it to the basket floor laundry, last night is particularly effective in the living area of ​​the apartment there is a small coffee table to display the clothes untidy meals and pizza.

What is the accent wall look like? It is the side wall of a room painted in contrasting colors and murals. In addition, there may be a replacement or mirrored wall. As long as it is different from the rest of the wall of the room - it will be the accent.

If you were selected to draw a different color on the wall above the color of the existing wall in the apartment, One word of warning, please check with the landlord to discuss the limitations of lease options and .

Design Tip # 2 : Select a space-saving furniture design

Space in the apartment is always premium. Please to take full advantage of this limited living space shop, cross section of furniture. Sectionals will leave the gap between the pieces, please do not create unused space at the end of the table arrangements, such as easy chairs and couch more typical of the two.

If set, There are a variety of cross-sectional sofa that is designed to fit any size room. Works in the form of L or U, depending on the capabilities of the room. Please select a lighting eliminates the need for end tables completely, to fit easily behind the cross section.

Why you do not have the room for a large coffee table? Has been designed to function as a tray table to select the type of cocktail ottoman smaller than the square, or separate for additional seating (including storage) 2. While maximizing the comfort of the room, they provide great versatility.

Modern Apartment Interior Design IdeasModern Apartment Interior Design Ideas

Design Tip # 3 : Stick to One Theme

To determine the theme of one, to stick to it. It is a journey of Europe, if it is beautiful women and sport, select the photos and accents that convey a particular theme. In order to avoid the temptation to create an eclectic collection, this will cause confusion to make room for confusion than comfort.

Be creative with the theme of your choice. It does not limit itself to a particular painting or photographic image. Identify the theme color of your theme, the "energy" and movement. For example, let's use the theme of the basketball team. To be distributed around the room incorporating the color pillows, area rugs and walls, choose an accent color similar to the uniforms of the team. Create a mural of a large number of (or more 4 ') to identify the players you like. Delicate, or loud, it is left up to you all.

Design Tip # 4 : Smart Live

The tip of the interior design of apartments for single men last is of a more practical nature. Hire a cleaning lady! The advantage of having someone to clean your apartment once or twice a month, until now, will exceed $ 125 to $ 45 will cost you every week. While at work to schedule a cleaning. Back to the apartment clean and fresh after a long day at work, which is always a pleasant reward. More tips