Just cause it's purty

I could just move right on in....

It's Trina Turks pad which was just featured in Matchbook Mag

Sometimes you just gotta repost stuff, even though I am sure most of you have already seen it a million times

I can't wait till this week is over

Meena (G's nanny and my life support) hurt her back and the Duck is in Australia so it's been crazy over here trying to balance work and Mommy duties and pending travels across the world. 

a real shit show

Speaking of shit show....I woke up yesterday to a weird smell

walked in my bathroom

looked in my tub


My toilets and sewer decided to back up into my tub.

5 inches of sewage was just chill in in my bath tub

Good news is, I will never ever  NEVER shower in that bathroom again..which means that I plan on starting the re-model of that bathroom immediatly

Bad news is that I don't have a spare second left in my life to add another project on my list.

I demand a 25th hour be added to each day!