I am going to the "Celebrate the Wearable: Architecture + Design Gala" tonight.

Fancy Pants 

A friend of a friend of a bloggin friend of a friend got in touch an invited me and a guest to attend this snazzy event, and I couldn't be more flattered or excited

Just because I like to rub stuff in...I will be rubbing elbows with the likes of

Jonathan Adler

Trina Turk

Just to name drop a few..


I have an idea of what I will be wearing but I am not 100%..

I am sure it will just be whatever I can throw on in time. 

BTW I leave the country and fly off to lovely Britain tomorrow so I will bid you farewell but now goodbye.

I will be having a plethora of guest bloggers and other fun features while I am gone, plus the shop will be updated with new product next week.

I promise to provide some images of the evening and of my travels as soon as I can.

Thanks you all for the out pour of support and love for the Shoppe.

It has been very fun and lots of work and I continue to bring more and more pillows and more and more merchandise in the up coming weeks.

I love you all to bits!