New Home - Room of the Week

So as most of my followers know I'm planning to move within the next 7 months or so. I may have to rent a place first but I hope to buy a cottage by the sea within the next year or so! It's a goal and I'm going to make it happen! Any way, I thought I'd begin to share some ideas with you. Most will be design boards for the rooms. I have no idea what the space is like, but I'm clipping and storing images for inspiration! (How did I survive without Pinterest?) Designers (and maybe even you) are are addicted to photos of wonderful spaces, in case you didn't know this ;) !

I'm loving the soft, sophisticated look of these two images for my daughter Emerson's bedroom. That leopard rug is insane, I love it and need to locate it asap! The Ikat bedding is from Annette Tatum. and if it comes in a queen size, I may have to just scoop it up for my room. Happy Thursday! xx