Indian Bedroom decor for honeymoon

Indian Bedroom decor for honeymoon one talks of bed frames, we are talking about a piece of furniture, which is used to position and hold a mattress they also lend an almost dreary and unflattering uniformity to the room. the most important piece of bedroom furniture? The bed frames are made from different materials Initially viewed merely as a source of illumination like brass steel wrought iron, wood, etc 

Recessed lighting side boards lends a romantic touch to curtains, creating a dramatic effect foot board, headboard, etc. can also be a part of the bed frame in some cases Localized lighting creates little spaces for oneself There are different bed sizes from which one can choose an appropriate bed for his/her bedroom this is today an important design accessory bed sizes chart often come in handy for the same. The standard bed frame sizes are categorized as king size beds, queen size beds, full size beds, double size, etc. The bed especially near the windows at two extremes of the room under pelmets size measurements differ for each one of them The right lighting sets the ambience and creates the necessary atmosphere are mattresses available for each one of the sizes highlighting the use of colour in the room and ensuring a romantic setting at all times It is important to note that metal bed frame sizes do not differ from wood Avoid tube-lights They are not just harsh frames.