Some Ish


That was intense

I just straight up relaxed and did practically nothing for 2 weeks and I couldn't be more stressed out about it!

I am super pumped to get back into work but also majorly dragging my feet at the idea of 12-14 hour days again. I am petrified of coming face to face with my office, which for the past two weeks has been where we have dumped all the bills and all the x-mas presents from Santa for G. 

It's a terrible mess in that office and I am scared of it

I have worn pajamas nearly everyday for 2 weeks and my make-up bag has a layer of dust on it from non use

I have quickly put on quite a heaping helping of fat around my middle section which would be great for keeping me warm in the winter, but Cali has been 85 since Christmas not cool man.

I can tell you my vacation time was not sexy or artsy and crafty at did however help me gain some perspective on how dirty my damn house was!

I cleaned it and de-cluttered it and it felt good

Two thumbs UP for me!

Anyways, back to reality we go and back to the daily grind of providing you with decent content and at least a laugh or two.

As I said before I didn't get around to much else other than relaxing, however I did finalize G's design board...

What do you guys think

I am a bit rusty but I do know I love this room....thoughts?

It's good to be back.

Thanks for sticking by!


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