Lost in Arles...

A few weeks back I was feeling a little out of sorts.. a little lost at the beginning of the year, it always seems like a time when you should be overly motivated, ready to run out of the gates and get some things really taken care of, make changes and plan for the year ahead.  Well, I was in a total funk and kinda bummed out.  On a Sunday morning I had a chance to take a little time to myself and was wandering around in the land of the blogs, I came across Lost in Arles a blog written by Heather,  I spent well over an hour reading her posts and looking through her beautiful photos.   I finally felt like myself, I felt inspired and awake for the first time in what seemed like a month (the holidays really took a lot out of me this year).  I am ready to go, ready to be inspired, ready to travel and ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead.   Maybe I will visit France in the Fall this year, I know I will be working on stream lining my time and energy into projects that I really want and need to do, and maybe just maybe I will be taking a few more leaps of faith this year.

I wanted to thank Heather and thank all of the bloggers that take their time posting so many fantastic images and inspiration!