Black and White (and a bit in between) by Celerie Kemble


I am a firm believer in the use of black in design, I am sure we all know that.  I think it gives that classic clean edge that every space needs.  I put this book on my Christmas list this year (I am a design book junkie) and I completely LOVE it!  I am amazed by how many of the photos in the book I have used here on the blog. 

Celerie Kemble did a great job in bringing some great interiors together and she even has a chapter devoted to my sweet grey!!  So I have still got to read more of it but I thought I would let you all know that it is a great hard copy of some really great design photos out there with some great content on design itself brought to you in a very down to earth way.

Also, I added a little design library link on the bottom of the blog if you are looking for some great inspiration in hard copy most of my favorites are there!