Flea Market Sundays..

The past few weekends I have been hitting the flea markets with great success!  Warm weather has definitely brought out the crowds though!

Pasadena was full of industrial pieces which I love!

I am absolutely in love with this hand blown lighting from Cleveland Art, I have asked them to make two lights for my Master Bath project that I am starting.

These great signs and reclaimed pieces are from Reclaim a new one for me!  Love these too!

Brothers of Industry was another great space.  There things were selling too fast for me to photograph!

I am on the look out for a basket like this for my Living room to use as an end table.  This one was a little too big for the spot and it had a bit of a tilt to it.

Another beautiful vintage gown..  This one was even better than the last!

This past Sunday I visited Long Beach, so much to love here... I only took a few pictures (I had my hands full).  Vintage French was on my mind!

The boys from Atelier de Campagne were there- always love their space.  I picked up a copy of the new Jeanne d'Arc Living book from them.  I cannot wait for the container sale that is coming up in September!

Another great vintage French fix with Fred and Coco, love the bottles, they had great sizes this time which are perfect for table top!

I took home a few goodies, which I will have to share with you once I get them together.
images by christina for greige