Feminine touch

My wonderful client Amy has given me the opportunity to work with her on another room in her home.  I am so excited!  There is a slightly feminine touch to the space with the splash of pink.  Amy has some great existing pieces that are helping to shape the direction of her space as well as some really beautiful architectural details.  

We have made some changes to her room along the way here in the design process that I think really made the design better.  That is one of the great things about designing for homeowners, I think that their needs and wants make the space easier, instead of having complete free reign.  I find that the more guidelines a space has can definitely make designing a little more challenging, but it also helps to narrow the search.  It is so much easier to design when you know what someone is looking for.  The more information a client can give about what they want and how they are going to use the space the better. 

I am loving the way that this is progressing!

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