Art I'm loving

A huge part of my job entails discovering fabrics, finishes, furniture, and found objects for my design projects but one of my favorite items to source for my clients is artwork. I constantly discover new artists and feel I've become pretty good at honing in on a style or feel that will not only suit my client's interiors, and lifestyle but their personality. Artwork infuses a space with soul! I am also all for client's choosing their own pieces, because let's face it, most art is subjective.  I do however often find that most of my clients are over whelmed by the process and decision! 
Here are a couple of artists I recently discovered:
1. The painted canvases are by Michelle Armas and are available through Big Cartel.
2. The vibrant floral photographs are by Julia Lynn - I would love to see these blown up to a larger then life size.