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I took a break from my own home design this summer..but now with Fall approaching {can't really believe it's 9.1} I need to finish my baby girl's nursery! I of course always love sharing my finished spaces with you, so I'll be sure to do so..! I've definitely decided I am going to design her headboard {there is a guest bed, that will eventually be her bed in the room} and call it Emerson {her name} and add it to my furniture line! {that's in the works and will be open, for sale, and added to my website by mid-winter - beyond excited about this!}..So here's my question to you..because you may be future customers right? What's your favorite? I will of course tweak the design a bit, but I'm leaning towards a timeless, feminine feel! {oh and would I love to use Leontine Linens? - you bet cha,, but unless they have a huge sale, it's not going to happen in a child's room}
{ps. I'm off to West Elm to pick out my rug - see previous post here}