I'm often asked by people, "What inspires you?"

Today's answer: My students! My list is long and varied. I'm constantly stumbling upon inspiration everywhere, everyday, all the time! I love what I do and I feel blessed to have discovered my "calling" per say.

As most of you know, I don't just practice interior design, I teach it at Endicott College and Suffolk University {New England School of Art and Design}. I am always pushing my student's ideas. If they succeed it means I have done my job well! I often discuss the importance of strong concepts, and how they should be somewhat abstracted! Literal design looks juvenile to me..Yes, throw in an ounce of kitch or a nod to the obvious..but always keep it fresh and unique! I was discussing using simple objects, en masse {or in large groupings} and how something very common can take on a sculptural quality when used unexpectedly and in large quantities. Well my student was inspired by Anthropologie's window displays..They practice this very idea! Gorgeous! I'd have to agree with her!!! Well Done.

Marshmallows - look sculptural when suspended don't they?

Milk jug igloo? Brilliant..