Newest Sponsor - Conde Nast Art Prints..

{Arthur Elgort}

{Knight Russell}

I'm very excited to share with you, my latest sponsor here at Shelter!
It's the amazing Conde Nast online art store!! Their edited selection of prints and gifts are directly from the pages of Vogue, House + Garden, Glamour, Vanity Fair + a number of other fabulous publications.. They organize the prints very well, so finding what you need is extremely efficient, or simply browse their vast selection for inspirational pieces!! The possibilities are endless.. I once purchased a number of fashion photographs and had them framed for a teenage girl's room. I've included a small sampling of their prints..

{Vogue 1947 - Constantine Joffe}

{Toni Rissell}

{how great and relevant is this lucite accessorized closet? - top right}

{John Rawlings}

{Henry Clarke}

images: Giraffe: Shelia Metzner, Flower: Robin Broadbnet, Lucite closet: Dana Merrill, John Rawlings.