Off to Nantucket...

Well not until Friday ..but I'm very much looking forward to the get away so I thought I'd start my week with a "tribute" to this beautiful island..I've been spending at least one long weekend a year in Nantucket for about fifteen years now{in my early 20's it was more like every other summer weekend}. If I can sneak away now for one or two weekends to this pristine escape, I'm thrilled.

We're intentionally taking the 2 hour 20 min. "slow boat" {above} in order to decompress {plus my son loves it}. Nantucket although a fairly traditional place, laced in maritime history has just the right amount of fresh modernity, because of it's bevy of interesting people, fabulously evolving shops + a slew of yummy restaurants! What's traditional stays that way, so Nantucket has retained it's historical architectural beauty and pristine landscape + beaches.

I'm of the mindset that the interior of a home needs to relate to the architectural envelope; in straightforward terms, it just makes sense..but historical interiors that mirror the past can feel sooo drab, they also don't tend to meet the needs of today's lifestyles..I'll stop babbling now, case in point, the Nantucket residence pictured below infuses just the right amount of history with forward thinking!!

All Images: New England Home Magazine, designers: Bierly-Drake Associates